Rogue Dog Training, Trains Clients on How to Train Their Dog

Dogs: Huck and Winnie 

"Steve did a remarkable job helping us to get our 1 year old dog to behave better on walks as well as when we had visitors. She used to get super excited (to the point of not being safe) when we passed other dogs while walking. She would get very stand-off-ish when people came over making our guest unsure of how to act when they first arrived. We also have a 5 year old dog who is very protective of his younger sister. So when she gets excited he would get excited, too. He weights over 100 lbs so when he is excited it can be more than a handful. Not only does the pup behave but that has in turn calmed down our older, bigger dog. The best part is that Steve trains you to train your dog instead of just doing it for you!" - Steve S.

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